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Zadock Pratt Museum

Located in Prattsville New York, the Zadock Pratt Museum is dedicated to exhibiting the history and culture of the Northern Catskill Region during the mid-nineteenth century, the heyday of the tanning industry in the area.

A message from the executive director:

Dear Friends & Supporters,

Like most of you, I am home, thankful for my health (so far) and my work.

I want to update you on the state of the Pratt Museum during these difficult times.

We are closed through the end of the year.

All live programs and exhibits have been cancelled for the year.

Thanks to funding from the O’Connor Foundation and the Juried Family Foundation, we raised a good deal of the funds needed to complete Phase I of our Capital Campaign: Installation of a complete air-heat pump HVAC system for two buildings with propane backup. This work will continue to go on during our closed period. We feel lucky to be able to spend this money in the local community during these trying times.

We have had to furlough two staff members and have cut most consultant contracts until further notice.

Like all of our sister non-profits (and all of you out there) our ability to fundraise has been seriously compromised. If you are able to support us in any way through this crisis, please send donations to Zadock Pratt Museum, P.O. Box 333, Prattsville, NY 12468.

I am working at home on the Capital Campaign and a number of other initiatives important to the Museum at this time.

We are confident that we will come through this–with deep scars, no doubt. Until that time, I will continue to post to Facebook at least once a week.

What we are experiencing as a nation is historically unprecedented. As a public historian, I recognize the importance of capturing our stories of this time in writing. So, we’re asking those of you who feel so moved to post your pandemic stories here and we will collect them as part of a record of this time.

Until our doors are flung wide open to the public, we will be thinking of you and wishing you the best.

Carolyn Bennett
Executive Director
April 7, 2020


14540 Main Street, Prattsville, NY 12468

Open Saturday & Sunday 9:00am - 5:00pm

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