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Country Life

The Town of Ashland was founded in 1848.  In the early 17th and 18th century, farmers traveled alone to begin clearing land and building their homes, sending for their families to follow after they were established.  Harnessing horses and oxen for power, farmers used wooden plows to help carve the field to plant crops.  Many farmers raised sheep due to the fact that the land was so rocky.

The early crops that farmers planted were wheat, corn, oats and barley.  Farmers had to do everything by hand till the late 18th century when machines were invented.

A Day Out

The Ashland Town Park is situated on 14 acres alongside the Batavia Kill Stream and surrounded by the Catskill Mountains.  The park has a walking path, dog park, playground, and recreational fields.  It also hosts the annual Antique Machinery Show.

Near Halloween, join the fun as the Ashland Fire Department is transformed into a haunted house that the entire family can enjoy.

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