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What. The. Soap.

What.The.Soap. started as a family homemade soap hobby, but has since expanded to supply soaps, lotions, shampoos, body butters and other bath items to those lucky enough to find us!

We love to make things like soap and berry jams, grow things in our garden and raise creatures like chickens (we have 11) and kids (we have 2).

Soap making, and this business in particular, is something that we do as a couple, working along side each other every day to bring you the best products.  Our goal is to source as locally as possible for all our packaging and ingredients, helping to keep our local economy healthy.

In addition to the health of our economy, we are also concerned about the health of the Earth!  That’s why we are constantly taking steps to lower our carbon footprint, as well as the footprint left behind by our products.  Presently, all of our packaging is recyclable, and much of our packaging is made from recycled materials!

  • What. The. Soap.
  • What. The. Soap.
  • What. The. Soap.
  • What. The. Soap.
  • What. The. Soap.
(518) 635-0829

14520 Main Street, Prattsville, NY 12468

Melissa Peters


Wednesday-Sunday: 10AM-6PM

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