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Serguei Architectural Woodwork

Serguei Architectural Woodwork Company has been in business since 1998, specializing in fabrication and installation of residential and commercial custom furniture and cabinets.

Production line includes: Complete kitchens, wardrobe closets, bathroom vanities, medicine cabinets, book cases and shelving, entertainment centers, office furniture, utility room cabinetry, tables, mantels, and picture frames. No job is too small.

We use wide variety of wood species including exotics and “green products”.

Cabinets can be lacquered clear, or with tinted lacquer to match any Benjamin Moore paint. We have the capability to match almost any existing moldings and profiles.

We provide prompt quotations and timely work completion for our customers to ensure their satisfaction. We will be happy to provide references upon your request.


3646 Route 145, East Durham, NY 12423

Serguei Guedko

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