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Salem’s Moon ~ Magick & More

Founded in 2012 by George (aka Dad), Salem’s Moon has grown to include both of his daughters, Jess and Liz.  George and Jess are often seen at various festivals and events, while Liz works with George on creating our many handcrafted products.  Of course we can’t forget Leni, who has been with the Salem’s Moon family from the very beginning.  Leni travels with us to some of the bigger festivals, and manages our online stores.

We are an eclectic group with various beliefs, and welcome all traditions, paths, and denominations!

We aim to provide high quality, handcrafted products using only the finest quality ingredients.  Our oils are cosmetic grade and contain only 100% essential oils. Our incense use an all-natural wood base and our shea butter is an all-natural ultra-refined shea butter.  All of these products are hand-blended with our unique oil blends.

  • Salem’s Moon ~ Magick & More
  • Salem’s Moon ~ Magick & More
  • Salem’s Moon ~ Magick & More
  • Salem’s Moon ~ Magick & More
  • Salem’s Moon ~ Magick & More

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