Grandpa Pete's Gourmet Sauce - Consumables in Catskill

Grandpa Pete’s Gourmet Sauce

The best way to describe Grandpa Pete is with one word “LOVE”. Love of life, love of people, love of good food. You know he was content by the aroma coming out of the kitchen. You could hear his whistling and see the smile on his face when he was baking Italian pastries or cooking his famous sauces

Grandpa Pete’s Gourmet Tomato Sauces are all natural come in 4 flavors: Marinara, Meat Flavored, Vodka, and Garlic sauce. The sauce is packaged in 26oz. jars and is offered in a 4 assorted package, 2package, and complete dinner packs: Made in NY dinner pack and Gourmet Dinner pack.

We also offer Homemade Style Pasta made fresh for your enjoyment. We also offer Gluten Free products.


36 Koeppel Ave., Catskill, NY 12414

Charlie Serro
Fax: 518-943-7725

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