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Farrell’s Barkery

Hello. My name is Renee Farrell and I am the owner of Farrell’s Barkery. I am the mom of 3 human kids, 3 fur babies and Nanny to 1 grand pup.

As you can imagine, that leads to A LOT of dog treats! I was spending way too much money for treats with ingredients that I couldn’t even pronounce!

That is what led me on the journey to Farrell’s Barkery.

Our treats are made in our home, with no added preservatives. What does this mean?

The treats have a shelf life of approx.  2-3 weeks.

Don’t let that scare you off! The treats can be frozen for approx 3 months. If you don’t think your pups will eat them with in 2-3 weeks, freeze them and thaw out a handful at a time. To be honest, treats don’t last that long in our house!

I suggest if you order frosted treats, that you keep those in the fridge. The frosting can get a little tacky if left out like the plain ones.

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