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Pilates are for everyone no matter what your age, gender, body type, or ability! Here at Body Be Well Pilates we believe that you should be living the life that you deserve! Playing super human and being there for everyone else in your life is great, but what about you and your body? Let us help you move, feel better, and reach your health goals NOW!

Body Be Well Pilates is building a community of people who empower themselves first so they can actualize their dreams and be present to those they love most. If your passion is family, rock climbing, running, or even Pilates, Body Be Well is your studio, designed with your personal care in mind to make anything you do better and easier. We will work together setting goals and attaining the results that you desire in a professional and caring environment, creating a lifestyle that is supportive to your mind, body and overall well-being.

All instructors have completed a 650+ hour comprehensive certification recognized by the Pilates Method Alliance. All instructors are CPR and First-Aid certified and continue their education through workshops, conferences, and extra training every year. Each of our instructors brings dedication, wisdom, creativity, and enthusiasm to their teaching. Many of our clients work with multiple instructors each week giving them variety in their workouts.

  • Pilates studio and online classes
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Boutique shop
  • Recipes
  • Greene County Chamber of Commerce

401 Main Street, Catskill, NY 12414

Chelsea Streifeneder

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