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Albright’s Dairy Farm

Albright’s Dairy Farm is a third generation dairy farm. We are a small dairy farm with about 50 dairy cows, we raise our own beef and pork and sell from the our farm.
We also have pigs and beef cows and sell USDA certified beef and pork from our farm you can pick up a package of Ground beef and make the best hamburgers you ever had or some steaks for the grill, we also sell 1/2 or a whole cow/pig if you desire.

We sell pigs $2.25 LB live weight or $75 what ever is greater.

HAY…. 2:nd cutting hay $5 can deliver locally
Mulch hay $3 can deliver locally
Balage $40 can deliver locally


1277 State Route 81, Climax, NY 12042

Bill Albright

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