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Burt’s Mountain Honey

With hives located both in Windham and on the north side of Ashland Pinnacle, our bees get an assortment of apple blossom, white clover and wildflower nectar. Our honey is the best the Catskill Mountains have to offer. We recently located some hives in lower Westchester to be able to provide our Westchester, New York City and New Jersey customers local honey.

Our honey comes in 8 oz., 1 lb., 2 lb., 2.5 lb, 5 lb jars as well as honey bear squeeze bottles.

We also carry a selection of all natural honey candies, beeswax lip balms, soaps, hand creams and candles.

Experience the sensational taste of Burt’s all natural raw mountain honey and an opportunity for health and happiness awaits you.

Live, Work, Love, Local.
Burt’s Mountain Honey
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