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Friends of the Feathered & Furry

Friends of the Feathered & Furry Wildlife Center established a “second chance” haven, Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator, animal lover, educator of wildlife and director ,Barbara ”Missy” Runyan has been saving helpless animals of all kinds for over 20 years. The last seven focused on New York State wildlife. Animals are brought to our center from all over New York. Unfortunately some are the result of the unkind hand of man. Midnight phone calls to pick up severely injured animals, defenseless animals shot or beaten by uncaring visitors or residents. Some are victims of over populated areas, with speeding vehicles, and some, just orphaned or abandoned, simple nature. Regardless of how they got here, they need our help!! Not all animals can be saved, but remarkably most are rehabilitated and released back to their wild habitats, those who are less fortunate are no longer meant to suffer.

Here at the center we have handled many species such as, bears, geese, ducks, woodpeckers, owls, fox, deer, falcons, snakes, songbirds, rabbits and hawks, even turtles. Many, many others as well. Each species requires special diet, housing, environmental stimuli, caging, antibiotics, recovery caging, vet care, just to name a few things. Countless hours are spent, day and night, feeding, cleaning, changing bandages and caring for nature’s babies. Please get involved…. you may not be able to bottle feed an orphan through the night, but you can still help!! Donations are greatly needed and appreciated for the continued care of our feathered and furry friends.

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Friends of the Feathered & Furry
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