Connecting Local Businesseswith the Communities We Share - Buy in Greene

Connecting Local Businesses
with the Communities We Share

Greene County’s Buy In Greene initiative has been attracting customers to over 1,000 local businesses since 2008. With the marked increase in connectivity and mobile technology, we are now creating virtual tours of businesses to enhance their free listings.

Buy In Greene and the Greene County Chamber of Commerce have joined forces to enable you to feature your business in a virtual tour for a minimal, one-time* investment. We have created and maintain the online platform, and you invest $400 to cover the cost of creating the 360-degree interactive images of your location.

*There is no recurring fee, but you can update your interior images whenever you wish at a cost of $400.

Here’s How it Works

Customers visit in response to a series of year-round seasonal promotions in digital and traditional advertising and social media marketing.

Our social media following of over 10,000 people (approximately 80% from Downstate, NYC, and Northern NJ) use to find businesses across our 14 Catskill Mountain, rural valley, and historic Hudson River towns.

Virtual Main Street allows them to see inside your establishment, get a feel for everything you have to offer, and link directly to your business website and/or social media pages. The virtual tour begins with an aerial view of the community, then a street-level video that stops at your front door. Visitors are invited to step inside for a 360° tour.

After opening the tour, visitors follow the arrows to multiple 360° views of the interior of your location.

Embedded within the tour will be a “Visit Our Website” sign. Clicking this sign takes visitors directly to your website or social media page, as chosen by you.

Interested in setting up a virtual tour for your business?

Buy In Greene and the Greene County Chamber of Commerce will be rolling out Virtual Main Street tours for each of our Greene County towns. If your business is located in a main street area and you are interested in being a part of this project, sign up below and we will be in touch when we come to your town.