Why Greene County NY?

Why Greene County NY? Locating your business in Greene County gives you the best of both worlds: living in a tranquil setting with spectacular natural beauty without giving up the luxuries and sophistication of large urban areas. Our robust tourism industry, combined with proximity to important metro areas, makes us a great place to establish a business.

Greene County’s location in the Great Northern Catskills and Upper Hudson Valley gives it close access to large markets like New York, Boston and Albany. Unlike big cities, however, your business dream is not too small for Greene County to be interested. Our economic development team is focused on small business creation and Main Street development. We treat small businesses like big businesses and work tirelessly to improve the physical, social and economic vitality of these critical areas of our communities.

Owning a business in Greene County means you have friends and neighbors on your side to help you start up and grow. We are a crossroads for a number of different types of travelers, including those who love the outdoors, sports, history, art, culture and cuisine. It also gives local businesses the opportunity to attract millions of international tourists visiting these areas. We live in a region where trends start, not where we follow the leader.


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Why Greene County NY?
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