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Greene County’s Economic Development Office has the expertise to help your business with funding and site solutions, as well as connecting your business to experts in various aspects of business development. We treat small businesses like big business every step of the way. Whether your startup business is a retail space on Main Street, a large company with many employees, or a company you are running out of your home, our office can provide the tools and guidance you need to succeed. We are open for business!

Support Programs

Business Support Programs

Greene County offers many programs that can aid your start-up NY business. Quickly browse the available resources to reduce stress on you, the business owner.


Starting a New Business

Starting a New Business?

Are you a startup? Our goal is to find you the best possible location, given your unique needs and make sure you have the financing available to build a successful business.

Expand or Relocate

Expanding or Relocating a Business

Whether you’re a startup or relocating your small business, there are several considerations when you are expanding or relocating an existing business, including many options such as tax exemptions and workforce development programs.


Local Business Community

Local Business Community

Quickly browse the local, community-based Chambers focused on serving residents and businesses.

Economic Development

Economic Development

Greene County’s Economic Development team is constantly researching and developing new ways to improve commerce in our area. Quickly browse the available resources to reduce stress on you, the business owner.

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Open for Business
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