When you spend your money in Greene County, you support local business, government and your friends and neighbors that work and live here.

There are over 14,000 jobs located in Greene County, many of which are directly supported by the spending of local and seasonal residents. Without the support of our consumers, there would be fewer jobs and less economic opportunity here to enjoy.

Making the most of your purchases in Greene County not only supports the Buy In Greene program, but it helps you out too. When residents spend more money in their local community, it lowers your property tax bill by generating sales tax that supports Greene County instead of another municipality. Small changes in purchasing habits can go a long way in making Greene County a sustainable place for future generations.

What You Can Do

Choose to shop, dine and buy in Greene County. People come from far and wide to enjoy the natural beauty of the Great Northern Catskills. Shouldn’t you do the same?

Some suggestions:

  • Remember gas and tolls are a cost. It may be cheaper to skip the drive to the mall and buy locally.
  • Coffee here is just as good as coffee on the Interstate, and you’ll be more awake for the drive.
  • li>Dine out more often. Fast food is convenient, but it’s not a healthy option.

  • If you enjoy a great local business, let your friends and neighbors know about it.
Live, Work, Love, Local.
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