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Invest in Greene: Cool Places, Abundant Spaces and New Faces

Greene County, New York is a beautiful gem nestled in the heart of one of New York’s fastest growing regions. As the birthplace of the Hudson River School of painters, in the 1800’s, this area is long known for its innovation and creativity. Greene County Economic Development is pairing with some of the most innovative business owners to create a culture of profitability and sustainability across our diverse collection of towns, making Greene County a prime place to open, grow or expand your business.


Our economic development team is motivated to help your business thrive in Greene County. We have a dedicated staff that is on-hand to assist you through all phases of business growth from start-up to expansion.

Why Invest in Greene?
Our team has an inventory of available retail, industrial and commercial spaces, and we will help you choose the best location based on infrastructure considerations. There are also a diverse array of zoning laws, D.E.P. regulations, and population factors that may affect the ideal place to locate your business. Once we know what locations might serve you best, we will then connect you with the appropriate Realtor and local Chamber representative.

We also understand the nuances of business financing. We will help you choose the best financing partner or program based upon your needs and resources.

Finally, our team is focused on attracting consumers to the towns and main streets of Greene County. We have a well-rounded campaign that targets tourists, commuters, regional shoppers and second homeowners. These motivated shoppers are looking for the products and resources that your business can provide.


Small Business is Big Business
Small Business is Big Business to Us!
Entrepreneurs will find abundant opportunities to start, build or expand a business in Greene County. Our goal is to provide you with the tools necessary for your business to grow and thrive.

Our FREE eBook: “Starting a Small Business”
If you are considering entrepreneurship, use this helpful guide as a roadmap to success:

Greene County is close to NYC and Boston
A Convenient Location!
Greene County gives business owners and entrepreneurs close access to the largest and wealthiest markets in America, while still enjoying the stunning Catskill Mountains and Hudson Valley.

Starting a Microbrewery in Greene County, NY
Our FREE eBook: “Starting a Microbrewery in Greene County, NY”
This helpful Ebook discusses the benefits of starting a microbrewery in Greene County, NY:

The Time is Right to Start a Micro Distillery in Greene County, NY
Our FREE eBook: “The Time is Right to Start a Micro Distillery in Greene County, NY”
This helpful Ebook discusses the benefits of starting a micro distillery in Greene County, NY:

Local Investments Make our Economy Strong

Greene County’s Economic Development and Planning Department has succeeded in assisting many business owners.

Greene County has lent over $5 million since 2006 through our Quantum Fund and Microenterprise Assistance Program, leveraging $19 million in private investment and creating close to 400 jobs. Our Main Street programs have leveraged $15 million in private investments, and over $1 million in State funding. Our economic development team has obtained over $3 million in New York State in the past ten years for projects that assist our economy.

Greene County is a great place to build a successful business rooted in the fabric of a vibrant community. Steady economic growth, hard work and ingenuity, paired with support and resources has paved the way for a number of businesses, both large and small to establish a profitable location in our area. Check out some of the successful businesses located in Greene County, and read the latest news about businesses opening and expanding every day. Click on the links below to view the latest Highlights of Greene County.

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